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Do You Have IRS or State Tax Problems?

In 2019, the IRS hired over 15,000 New Agents to audit small business owners!

If you owe money to the IRS or State, they can relentlessly come after you and your business. They can start collection actions like garnish wages, put liens on your property and collect what is owed from your bank account.

If you have a large unpaid taxes with IRS or State, you may qualify for tax relief.  The IRS has programs that may allow you to pay less than what you owe.

But how?

Only if you know the process of working with the IRS and State tax agencies.

If you receive a letter from the IRS or State tax agencies, do not panic or ignore the letter.  Instead, speak to us so we can explain the steps to resolve your IRS problems and give you the piece of mind you deserve!

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Unfiled Tax Returns

If your return wasn't filed by the due date, you may be subject to various penalties and expensive interest. For example, the IRS may assess the "failure-to-file penalty", unless you have reasonable cause for your failure to file timely.

If you didn't pay tax in time, you may be subject to a failure to pay penalty which can be very costly.  There may be a way for to get that penalty waived if you meet certain hardship standards.

If you have years of unfiled tax returns that are haunting your life and your business, ignoring them won't make them go away. The IRS and state may levy harsh penalties for noncompliance. We can get your years of past tax returns filed and IRS notices handled - giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Offer in Compromise

An offer in compromise (OIC) is an agreement between a taxpayer and the Internal Revenue Service that settles a taxpayer's tax liabilities for less than the full amount owed.

The IRS may accept an OIC based on three grounds:

  • First, the IRS can accept a compromise if there's doubt as to liability.
  • IRS can accept a compromise if there's doubt that the amount owed is fully collectible.
  • IRS can accept a compromise if requiring payment in full would create an economic hardship to the taxpayer.

Schedule a consultation today to find out if you qualify for either an offer in compromise or other tax relief opportunities.

IRS Levy & Wage Garnishments

An IRS levy permits the legal seizure of your property to satisfy a tax debt. It can garnish wages, take money in your bank or other financial account, seize and sell your vehicle(s), real estate and other personal property.

The IRS will usually levy only after these three requirements are met:

  • The IRS assessed the tax and sent you a Notice and Demand for Payment (a tax bill);
  • You neglected or refused to pay the tax; and
  • The IRS sent you a Final Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to A Hearing (levy notice) at least 30 days before the levy.

Don't wait for the IRS to levy your accounts and seize your assets. Speak with us today to get this handled immediately!

IRS Audits and Letter Notices

Each year, the IRS sends millions of notices and letters to taxpayers for a variety of reasons.

In many cases, the notices are simple to resolve but you have to respond correctly and within the time frame allotted. We can help with your IRS and state audits and notices. Audits don't have to be painful! Don't ignore the IRS - they won't go away. We can help!

Innocent & Injured Spouse Relief

If you file a joint tax return with your spouse, the law makes both you and your spouse responsible for the entire tax liability. There may be circumstances where the tax liability is only attributable to one spouse. There may be a short time frame in which you (as the innocent spouse) may be able to seek relief from a tax debt that is not yours.

If this is your situation, don't panic. Instead, schedule a free consultation with one of our experts to go over your particular issue so we can solve it for you!

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Our Tax Relief & Resolution Process

This is our simple process to resolve your tax problems, stop wage garnishments, bank levies, stop asset seizures, get penalty abatement and remove interest charges!

  • 1

    Free Consultation with one of our tax experts about your tax problems! (Today)

  • 2

    Determine course of action, investigate issues and stop IRS calls! (2-4 weeks)

  • 3

    Work with the IRS and State Agencies to resolve your tax problems & file returns! (3-6 months)

  • 4

    Close your tax case so you can move on with your life! (Freedom - Finally)

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About The Founder, Ebong Eka, CPA

Ebong is one of the country's most sought after personal and small business tax experts, frequently featured in major news publications, television and radio programs.

Ebong Eka is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and international bestselling author in the Washington, DC area. For the last 15 years, Ebong developed vast experiences in individual, corporate and international tax consulting matters with professional tax firms and other multinational corporations. As a result, he utilized his  experiences to develop tax resolution strategies for both small and large clients for the last 15 years.

Ebong is a tax, entrepreneur and small business expert who regularly appears on MSNBC, Fox News, Fox Business Channel, NBC, i24News, CGTN and CNN.

Ebong is also an accomplished TEDx Speaker, Bank of America Small Business Community Expert and Office Depot Blogger.

Ebong is also the author of the book, “Start Me Up! – The No-Business-Plan Business Plan”, published by Career Press.

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